Citrix Philips SpeechMike III USB Redirection

Philips SpeechMike III

Tested on model LFH3500 with MModal. If the device isn’t passed through to the VDA as a Generic USB device, the buttons on the microphone will not function.

Citrix Policy

Apply these Citrix policies to the VDA:

  • Client USB device redirection = Allowed
  • Client USB device redirection rules = Allow: VID=0911 PID=0C1C #Philips SpeechMike III
  • Client USB device optimization rules = Mode=00000001 VID=0911 PID=0C1C #Philips SpeechMike III
    • Mode=00000001 disables optimization

Group Policy

Apply these group policy settings to the connecting client workstation:

  • Computer Configuration/Policies/Administrative Templates/Citrix Components/Citrix Receiver/Remoting client devices/Generic USB Remoting
    • Existing USB Devices
      • Enabled
      • When desktop starts = Connect all available USB devices
    • New USB Devices
      • Enabled
      • When a USB device is inserted = Connect the USB Device
    • USB Device Rules
      • Enabled
      • USB Device Rules = Allow: VID=0911 PID=0C1C #Philips SpeechMike III;

Client Registry

Apply these registry entries to the connecting client workstation:

  • [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Policies\Citrix\ICA Client\GenericUSB]

    • Necessary if the device could be potentially in use prior to connecting to the VDA, otherwise a warning will appear to the user
  • [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Policies\Citrix\ICA Client\GenericUSB\Devices\VID0911 PID0C1C]

    • Disabled optimization on the client







5 responses to “Citrix Philips SpeechMike III USB Redirection”

  1. Jaime Diaz Avatar
    Jaime Diaz

    Corey, good morning. I am struggling with getting my own Speechmike III to route into Citrix as a generic device. I’ve tried all of your steps and it still being routed as optimized. Would you be willing to assist me in getting this to work? Thanks,

    1. Corey Blaz Avatar
      Corey Blaz

      Hey Jaime – Unfortunately, I’m not available. I’d recommend contacting Citrix support.

  2. Andrei Itu Avatar
    Andrei Itu

    Very helpful !

    1. Corey Blaz Avatar
      Corey Blaz

      Thank you Andrei, hopefully this helped your customer.

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