Category: Citrix

  • Introducing BgAssist

    VDI is a tricky beast to tame with so many factors involved in deploying a successful service. More so, creating a successful service with an outstanding end-user experience is even more difficult. In a bureaucratic workplace with resource, time, and talent constraints, I often feel that the needs of a single user are secondary or […]

  • Citrix “Cannot start app. Please contact your help desk.”

    After standing up a new Citrix site from scratch, we found Citrix Receiver/Workspace apps configured on client workstations configured with SSO couldn’t launch applications. After a few hours of checking event logs and enabling every Receiver/Workspace logging feature, I only found very generic errors. The most “relevant” error found in the Receiver/Workspace app log was: […]

  • Citrix USB Error “Device appears to be in use and cannot be attached”

    If you’re attempting to redirect a USB device to Citrix and receive the error “Device appears to be in use and cannot be attached,” here’s how to suppress it. As the error indicates, the USB device that you’re attempting to redirect is in use on your local system and Receiver cannot redirect it without forcefully […]