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Aria Automation custom form Active Directory OU lookup

I recently ran into a fun challenge while working on an Aria Automation (formerly vRealize Automation) Windows Server build automation project. I needed to dynamically build a dropdown menu of Active Directory organizational units (OUs) for a user to select where the server’s computer object would reside once provisioned.

Citrix VMware VMware Horizon

Introducing BgAssist

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VDI is a tricky beast to tame with so many factors involved in deploying a successful service. More so, creating a successful service with an outstanding end-user experience is even more difficult. In a bureaucratic workplace with resource, time, and talent constraints, I often feel that the needs of a single user are secondary or forgotten about by the nature of the process. It’s easier to make broad strokes for the largest user communities over individuals with diverse and specific needs.

With these challenges in mind, I’ve created BgAssist as an open-source project to help VDI administrators create better end-user experiences. Even if not groundbreaking or revolutionary, it’s a step forward in pushing the capabilities of virtual desktop service delivery.

Homelab Synology

I lost three years of data

Whelp, today I’m enjoying a nice slice of humble pie after losing three years worth of backup versions. While admitting failure is hard, I believe in owning mistakes and learning from them.