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Add Site to Trusted Sites Zone with Group Policy

Internet Explorer has four Security zones (numbered 1-4) which are used by the Site to Zone Assignment List policy to associate sites to:

  1. Intranet zone
  2. Trusted Sites zone
  3. Internet zone
  4. Restricted Sites zone

To add a site to the Trusted Sites zone, do the following:

  1. Create a new Group Policy Object (GPO) or edit a preexisting object
  2. Navigate to Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Internet Explorer -> Internet Control Panel -> Security Page
  3. Select and open the “Site to Zone Assignment” List policy
  4. Set the policy to Enabled
  5. Click the “Show…” button
  6. In the pop-up window, each row represents a domain (Value name) and zone (Value) pair. Enter the site name in the “Value Name” field and 2 (for Trusted Sites zone) in “Value” field
    Add site to Trusted Sites Zone Group Policy
  7. Click OK


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